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Joblawg is written by William Seaton, founder of EmplawyerNet. William (well, you can call him Bill if you like) is a graduate of the UCLA School of Law. For over thirty years, as a recruiter, publisher and entrepreneur, he has helped thousands of lawyers find answers to their career questions.

This blog will provide advice, observations and occasional rants. We will also highlight interesting new job opportunities we encounter. That's what we do everyday at EmplawyerNet but the most interesting we will note here as well. We won't advocate for any one job as we have no vested interest in you contacting any given employer and, besides, we don't necessarily know what you - the job seeker - have as your career goal. We'll just post ones we find notable.

We'll also welcome your comments and your questions. Finding a job and finding satisfaction in the law is a challenge that has intensified over time. We'll try and address any questions you may have and, if possible, point you to resources for additional help.

Finally, the law is a wonderful and even noble profession but it isn't for everyone and it doesn't work for everyone in the way they originally planned. As with any career there are often twists and turns, experiments and trials. But with thought, advice and some healthy introspection we think most will find the way to live in the law that best suits their personality and goals.

Good luck in your career journey!

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