Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Long and Winding Road

This legal career stuff is tough.

It starts with the decision to go to law school, huge in itself. There’s the LSAT, choice of school, application process, job placement rates (better ask how that is derived), school rankings, moot court and law review, not to mention the first year and the Socratic Method.

Then there’s OCI (On-Campus Interviewing), controversial in and of itself, interview prep, the influence of Martindale-Hubbellizing and the enormous impact of that first job choice. There’s a pause to reflect on the decisions and whether the time and the dollars were well spent.

There’s big-law and in-house law. There’s a struggle for responsibility and the grasping at the brass ring of partnership. There’s satisfaction mixed with equal parts of frustration. There’s the when and how of changing jobs, the ups and downs of the market (who benefits in a downturn?), headhunters or why they won’t take your call, when to leave the law and when not to, changing horses in midstream and challenges for older lawyers.

All of these points deserve some further elucidation and we will do so over time. We’ll post the best comments and reply to questions. We’ll try to give advice and be clear when it’s just opinion or maybe a rant. The law is a wonderful journey but like old age, it’s not for sissies. Stay focused and enjoy the process.

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